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How to Install Tumblr Dashboard Theme

If you are bored with the default dash theme and wanna change it now, I have a trick to change dashboard theme. This way you can install a brand new dash theme on your account.

Tumblr Dashboard Themes

FireFox and Google Chrome both extensions are available for Tumblr. User just need to follow step by step tutorial to install these theme.


Awesome Dashboard Backgrounds | Themes | Wallpapers | Icons

Tumblr users can use custom dashboard backgrounds without changing their actual dash theme. You can place any wallpaper both side of your dash that looks really cute.

Tumblr Dashboard Themes

I tested it and it works like a charm. You just need to follow some simple tips and steps in order to use these backgrounds.


Best Tumblr Dashboard Themes | Custom Dash Backgrounds | Cool Wallpapers

Do you wanna change your dashboard background or whole skin? I have a great option for you. I recently changed my dash theme with userStyle themes. It looks cute and make me feel that I’m on a new Tumblr.

Try out those great themes that are just a few step ahead from you. All those themes are completely free userstyle themes, so, use it and if you like stick with it or just change it once again.


Tumblr Theme Generator - Generate Your Custom Theme

Tumblr is a huge pool of great themes. You have to generate your own favorite theme for your blog. We will help you at the best level.

If you or someone you know makes themes, I’d appreciate it if you could message me and I’ll check out your/their theme blog and see if I find any I’d like to use.

Tumblr Themes Generator

Feedback & Asks

1. I generated my own theme with the theme generator but when i put in a code, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried using the energy saving mode screen, a favicon, and a scrolling title bar but none of them work. Is anyone else having this problem?

2. I gave credit to tumblings somewhere in my FAQ, linking to his blog and the theme generator. He made the theme generator so i think it is only fair to mention him.

3. I don’t know if any of you know, but there is a pretty simple theme generator located here. I find it pretty simple to use, as long as you pay attention to what you’re doing. So yeah, for those who want to try to make a theme- but don’t know where to start, there you go.

4. Would anyone be interested in creating a new tumblr theme for me? It’s going to be pretty basic, but I am clueless when it comes to stuff like this! Preferably I would like if you could do it for free since it will be pretty basic! Thank you!

5. Your theme could be unique and nobody else will get the code for it. Isn’t that cool? Just submit us how it should look like and we will make it for you. (We will make a guide.) As it wastes a lot of time we decided to “sell” custom themes. The price can be as much as you want to pay (as much as you think it is valuable).

6. If you need any help just let me know okay, when it comes to the popups I know that some people have some tutoriasl such as spaqhetti-tacos and such. If you want to change anything on there just let me know okay. c: to change the lace border thing up the top - ctrl+f and search ‘hisabar’ it should take you straight to it in the html, then what you do is look until you find background image url, replace the url with the border from here please not the huge flashy one it will make it look horrible, then if it doesn’t fit like if it isn’t showing it properly go down and find padding, then you adjust it to suit you.

7. I’m looking for another co-admin for my theme blog. I’m gonna start school on Monday and I might not be able to make themes as often as I want to. All you have to do is literally make themes at least once a month and post them. Or answer questions. Whatever. I just need to keep it active.

34+ Amazing Tumblr Themes

These are some really must have Tumblr themes which you can’t miss. The good combination of free and premium 34 amazing Tumblr themes.